Two weeks ago i got my pocket rig, thinking of it as a leatherman for cameramen, i thought it would be a good idea to have a tool like it around. On my vacation in the caribbean i was searching for a boom or anything to hold my go-pro, i walked into different shops and most of the offered booms

Read More One of my assignments in the university were to create a music-clip. This was a good task, so i could support my friend Yasin (a.k.a Nasihat Kartal). Camera: Mark2 5D, 50mm 1.4 f For those who don't understand turkish: The story is about two best friends, one of them tries to pull his friend from bad habits. His friends bad behaviour finally

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At the moment i am analysing the movie "se7en" with Peter Masons' "Three Act Structural Diagram" technique. While watching the movie intensively i made also notes of some really cool camera shots, which i will present in a sooner post. In se7en i really like that the audience is constantly learning something. Here an original passage of the script: Detective Sumerset says:

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