How to create a thumbnail screenshot out of a video

Today i want to introduce you the targit Screengrabber, which is used for creating thumbnail Screenshots.

I have tested it by my selfe and would like to give the following review on it:

+) Formats: A bunch of formats are supported  (i was testing vp6)

+) Easy user interface

+) Very detailled (you can change nearly everything if you want)

-) No Shortcuts (I was missing the space key for pausing and playing the movie)

At the end, this software has just the purpose of giving you an image which consists of thumbnails of the scenes. I did not test any other software jet, but it has fullfilled my expectations and went beyond. I would not hestitate donating some money, even if its the price of a coffee.

How it works: You select your movie and define the count of thumbnails (which is 30 by default). It will create the amount of thumbnails in relation to the movie-length and will calculate the intervall between the screenshots. You can also place some individual thumbnails inbetween the automaticly generated ones or remove them. You have full control. Also Drag&Drop is implemented, you can change the arrangement on the fly.

Output Options: The greate thing is, that you have a preview of the outputted file before you export it. Available settings:

– Layout (Width, Height, Gaps)

– Time Code Text (Font Family)

– Time Code X (Border, Shadow, Color)

– Background (Color or image)

– Export Format (Jpg, Bmp, PNG, Tiff)

– Watermark on/of (

– Details on/of (Title, Time, Resolution, Aspect, Video, Audio)

and also a Default configuraton Button

And thats my outputfile: Output image, consistig of thumbnails.

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