Presentation our Project in the english class


some days ago i have presented our “Nasihat” Project in the english class. I talked more about the process, not about the story itself. For my opinion, some technical issues and “how-to’s” were more interesting for my audience rather than preaching the story. I think that the most interesting part was about the orbitting dolly. I put also some slide to give you a feeling.

While we were filming in the studio, we got the feeling, that not the camera is moving but nasihat with and the desk. We did not discuss much about that, cause is it really relevant? Or was it only because we were watching it all the time?

Maybe it was really because of the reason, that we were sticking to much on the frame. To really guarantee that the camera is moving, we could have put tiny leds (light emitting diods) to give a feeling of room.

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